Digital Image Editing

Visual Stitching

To produce a segmented photo, we blend several photographs together while keeping the desired alignment, high resolution, and high quality.

Retouching photos

We can enhance and adjust portraits and product images using a variety of retouching technologies, highlighting their perfect side and eliminating undesired features.

HDR Application

Through High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo editing services, we merge several images with varying exposures to get a single, desired result.

Adjusting Perspective

Experienced picture editors at SunTec India can correct perspective and plane distortion in your photos to produce an impeccable replica of the original object.

Adjusting Colours

Make your photos stand out with balanced tones, shades, brightnesses, and hues by using our expert picture editing services.

Photographic Editing

With the help of our online photo editing services, you can add star effects, alter the background of your photos, and generally give them that extra push towards perfection.

Restoring Images

We offer expert photography editing services that include repairing damaged, strained, torn, or fading images, as well as missing portions, into flawless digital replicas of the originals.

Superior Retouching

For specific client requests, we provide high-end retouching while upholding the same standards as globally recognised websites and magazines.

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