PWA Development

PWA Blockchain

What is PWA?

We offer a full suite of Magento development and eCommerce strategy services to ensure that your eCommerce site provides a premium branded and customer-centric experience that engages and generates revenue.

Almost any website could be converted into a progressive app. This approach implies that you could build a PWA quickly instead of a difficult-to-develop local app. Furthermore, you could provide all of the features of local apps, such as push notifications, offline support, and much more.

Why Choose Aailtech for PWD (Progressive web development)?

No installation needed

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Works in any browser

Users can use any browser to utilize the application before installing it.


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Provide offline page

Service workers are the foundation of PWA as they engage push notifications, content material caching, background updates, offline usefulness.

Web3.0 Development


Aailtech is the best web3.0 development company. Web 3.0, or Web3, is the name given to a decentralized version of the internet co-owned by customers and developers. That is, in essence, the polar opposite of how centralized systems like Apple, Google, and Facebook operate, which monetize user data daily.

The word “Web3” was first authored in 2014 through Gavin Wood, a helping to establish the father of the Ethereum blockchain, while in regards to the possibility of a decentralized, blockchain-based web, to a Wired meeting with Wood.

Web3.0 Development​

Why choose Aailtech for web3.0 development?


Web 3.0 will convey more opportunities to makers and clients overall. With the assistance of decentralized organizations, Web 3.0 will guarantee its clients generally stay in charge of their web-based information.


One main benefit of blockchain and the latest improvements in cryptography is that you may secure and track your private statistics on the Web. Privacy is crucial whether or not we’re talking about civil liberties or identity theft.


You'll be capable of extensively personalizing your net surfing experience. This may even assist you in surfing the net effectively.

Uninterrupted services

The decentralization will mean each data might be saved on disbursed nodes. Therefore, customers no longer fear approximately suspension of a specific account or provider disruptions because of technical or different reasons.

Solidity Blockchain

Solidity Blockchain​

What is Solidity?

Aailtech is the best solidity development company. Solidity runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is a contract-oriented, high-level programming language for implementing smart contracts.

Like different programming languages, Solidity programming also has variables, functions, classes, arithmetic operations, string manipulation, and many concepts.

Why Choose Aailtech for Solidity Blockchain Development?


Solidity provides Inheritance properties in contracts, including multiple level inheritance properties.


Smart contracts offer a secure, clean, and reliable medium for numerous assets that involve events to settle something.


Multiple type-safe functions are supported in Solidity by facilitating ABI(Application Binary Interface).

Solana Blockchain

What is Solana?

Aailtech is the best Solana blockchain Development company for building cryptographic forms of money, very much like ethereum and bitcoin. The main distinction between Solana and ethereum is the previous’ high velocity of exchanges. This new famous blockchain Company can perform 50,000 exchanges each second, which makes it extraordinary.

Solana can rapidly add numerous properties to its current organization, regardless of its structure applications or mining SOL tokens; this organization can perform everything inside microseconds. This digital currency is regularly hailed as “ethereum’s rival.”

Scalability is one of the most challenging parts of blockchain innovation to go over. As these organizations grow, they frequently face exchange speed and affirmation time imperatives—Solana endeavors to address and tackle these issues while keeping up with security and decentralization.

Why Choose Aailtech for Solana Blockchain Development?


Solana is associated with an exceptionally scalable suburbanized blockchain created with a unique strategy for requesting exchanges that altogether additionally develops its exchange throughput, to the purpose that it's faithfully been handling north of 2,500 exchanges every second. It professes to own the choice to manage 50,000 exchanges each second.

Low cost

Solana gives lower fees compared to what many comparable blockchain networks are charging today.

More accessible to the program

Rust C C++ is used to build programs deployed on-chain.

High Speed

Solana is all about speed with four hundred millisecond block times. And as hardware receives faster, so does the network.